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Graphic design

Marketing is more than just branding. A brand image is the first step in marketing.
Even though the latter is one of the essential aspects of any business, having a good brand without good hardware is not enough. Having the tools for customers to know you, understand you, and trust you is something else entirely. We create visual tools to help you grow your business and stay financially healthy. Making sure all the information you put out into the world is true, well-communicated, and vibrant is teamwork.
“You give us the information, we create the masterpiece. »

Why branding?

In order to create a marketing experience with your customers, you have to be impactful at first contact and throughout the transactional process. With modern tools, complete, and relevant, you will be sure to create an emotion in your consumer.
Your “brand” is your first communication to the public, especially to your target customers. We need60,000 times longer to read text capture an image.


creating a brand identity


Logo Creation


Colors and typographies




Proud to collaborate with us!

All of our clients are unique to us. Each project is supported taking into account your needs and preferences. Our mission is to highlight what sets you apart from the competition. Each consultation is different, and it is in particular this first contact that will guide the rest of the strategic approach in which we will be happy to accompany you.
Doing business with Pure Marketing is a guarantee of success! They are attentive, dedicated people who have your success at heart. Their work is of high quality and they know how to adapt to all the situations of the moment, they show a lot of availability. Whenever I had a question or a comment, I always had a follow-up following my requests. Thank you to you dear partners of my success!
Marie Soleil Diorio
Residential real estate broker
How to explain in a few words a unique experience! I have been working with Pure Marketing for several years and I realize with each of the projects we undertake together, the importance of surrounding ourselves with the best to have the best results. It's simple, effective and always directly related to my specific needs at the time. The projects we carry out together are always breathtaking and contribute to the influence of my agency. Thank you Pure Marketing for contributing to my daily life and always bringing out the best from all angles!
Annie Payant
Director, RE/MAX du Cartier
We have been working with Chloé and her team for several years. We work particularly in training with them and they are very good popularizers. A great creative team with whom we have established a great relationship of trust!
Mylène Matteau
CEO, Cruise and Travel Access
Chloe (Pure Marketing) has worked for our company since October 2020. During this period, she brought her professionalism and enthusiasm in order to develop new strategies and vision of our companies, its mission and priority remains to have a fluent communication of our needs and taking the time to make us understand the value of these gestures.
Daniel Lajoie
General Manager, Propane Levac
Describing Pure Marketing would go like this: Listening, creativity, agility, speed, follow-up, rigor, delivery within the agreed time, respect of budgets, all in an atmosphere of collaboration. It is a "Pure" pleasure to work with them!
François Lefebvre
Head of Property Management, BMPDevco
An extremely professional team, I have great service, I feel well supported by pure marketing, it's an honor to do business with them, always on the lookout with superb innovative ideas, it's pure marketing that manages all my social networks and my web pages, I trust them 100% and I am completely satisfied. Their ideas and the work of the team meet all my needs and expectations. Thank you!!!
Michel Ferland
Residential real estate broker